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I recognized the crucial role of concrete accessories and rigging hardware in construction. However, buyers often encountered issues during the procurement process – subpar product quality, exorbitant prices, and poor customer service from suppliers. Fluctuating product costs and shipping expenses led to a dismal overall transaction experience, with no post-payment support.
To address this problem, I founded H&F, aiming to not only supply the most essential infrastructure components and rigging gear but also to offer customized services. Our goal is to contribute to creating a better world through our products. We envision becoming the largest global supplier of infrastructure accessories. Adhering to the principles of customer-first and top-notch service, we have successfully established a global presence and earned commendable reviews. If you are seeking a reliable supplier, don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately!


Company introduction

QING DAO H&F Corp is a professional cooperative partner in concrete hardware, rigging hardware and precast accessories, Which is offering production, where delivery safety, quality, and costs.

We offers an extensive line of concrete forming & scaffolding systems and also with several others accessories for your needs. Our products made by Drop Forged, Cast, Pressing and Manufacturing. Also we can design and produce as per customer’s samples or drawing. QINGDAO H&F Corp operate on the global market, with production of customer designed solutions, as well as large volume. We are able to offer a very fast response as well as high quality products to our customers.

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public welfare activities

H&F participates in charity activities every year, visiting children’s welfare homes to donate essential goods and books to children in need, aiming to assist more individuals facing difficulties.

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