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Precast concrete is fundamental to modern construction, yet safely handling these hefty components demands specialized equipment. Enter lifting anchors – the essential connection between precast concrete and lifting gear.

Here are the main players in the lifting anchor arena:

Lifting Clutch: A versatile clamp designed to adapt to different precast shapes. Often used alongside a lifting eye bolt for crane attachment.

Lifting Pin Eye: A permanent anchor embedded in the concrete, featuring a threaded body and lifting eye at the top. Ideal for frequent lifting or situations requiring a low profile.

Utility Lifting Anchor: Similar to the pin eye, but equipped with a D-ring or shackle for attaching slings or hooks. Commonly used for precast walls and panels.

Forged Erection Anchor: The heavyweight champion, crafted from high-grade steel for heavy-duty precast elements. Offers maximum load capacity.

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