Standard Loop Tie Heave Duty Loop Tie Waler Tie

Standard,Heavy Duty Loop Ties Manufactured from high strength steel. Is designed for securing and spacing modular type forms.

Standard Loop Tie Heave Duty Loop Tie Waler Tie Description

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Standard Loop Tie: This is a simple tie that consists of a looped wire that is inserted through a small hole in the formwork and around the reinforcing bar. The ends of the wire are then twisted together to secure the tie in place. Standard loop ties are generally used for lighter concrete loads and are easy to install and remove.

Heavy Duty Loop Tie: This tie is similar to the standard loop tie but is thicker and stronger. It is used for heavier concrete loads or when additional strength is required. Heavy duty loop ties are also inserted through small holes in the formwork and around the reinforcing bar, but the ends are typically crimped together with a special tool to provide extra strength.

Waler Tie: This tie is used to secure the formwork horizontally, and consists of two or more vertical members (usually steel pipes) connected by a horizontal member (a wooden or steel waler). The vertical members are inserted through the formwork and secured to the reinforcing bars, and the waler is then bolted or clamped in place to hold the formwork securely. Waler ties are used when additional horizontal support is required to prevent the formwork from bending or buckling under the weight of the concrete.



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