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Kategori: Aluminum Form Tie


The Aluminum Form Tie is an essential tool in concrete construction, used to secure and stabilize formwork during the concrete pouring and setting process. This category includes two main types: full wall ties and nominal ties.

Full wall ties are designed for high-load applications, providing maximum strength and stability.
Nominal ties are suited for standard load applications, offering a cost-effective solution for general construction needs.

Aluminum Form Ties are used with various accessories, such as head pins, flat head pins, combo pins, and wedges. Head pins and flat head pins secure the form ties to the formwork, with flat head pins providing a flush finish. Combo pins combine the features of both head and flat head pins for versatility.
Wedges lock the pins and ties in place, ensuring the stability of the formwork throughout the concrete curing process. These components are crucial for a wide range of concrete construction projects, including building foundations, retaining walls, and other structural elements, ensuring that formwork systems are secure and effective.

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