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Concrete projects rely on strong, properly placed rebar for lasting performance. Our Rebar Support collection offers essential tools to ensure your concrete structures are built to last.

Here’s a breakdown of our key products and how they contribute to a successful project:

Rebar Chair: These handy chairs act as cradles for your rebar within concrete forms. They keep the rebar elevated and evenly spaced, ensuring proper concrete cover and preventing future corrosion. Perfect for slab-on-grade applications, foundations, and any horizontal concrete surface.
Rebar Cap: Safety first! Rebar caps shield exposed rebar ends, preventing injuries on the job site. They also maintain the integrity of the rebar by protecting it from damage during construction. Commonly used in vertical concrete elements like columns, walls, and beams where protruding rebar could pose a hazard.
Slab Bolster: These provide crucial support for rebar in elevated concrete slabs. They maintain the necessary space between the rebar and the formwork, ensuring proper placement within the concrete for optimal strength and durability.
Invest in Quality Rebar Support:

Our Rebar Support products are more than just accessories – they’re essential for achieving proper rebar placement, spacing, and overall safety on your concrete projects. Browse our selection to find the right tools to enhance the strength, longevity, and safety of your concrete structures.

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