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Paadi ankur


Whether you’re a weekend sailor or a seasoned captain, choosing the right anchor is crucial for keeping your boat safe and secure. At H&F, we offer a top-notch selection of boat anchors to fit any vessel and any condition.

Drop Anchor with Confidence:

Bruce Anchor (Claw Anchor): This all-around favorite digs deep into sand, mud, and gravel. Its sharp design sets quickly and holds strong, making it ideal for recreational boats and changing weather.

Danforth Anchor (Fluke Anchor): Perfect for smaller boats, this lightweight anchor sets easily in sand and mud. It’s a great choice for temporary anchoring or calm conditions.

Folding Grapnel Anchor: Compact and easy to store, this anchor is ideal for dinghies and jet skis. Its multiple prongs grab tight in rocky areas or weedy shallows.

Hall Anchor (Stockless Anchor): This heavy-duty anchor is built for bigger boats and works well in various seabeds. Its symmetrical design makes it easy to handle and store.

Plow Anchor (CQR Anchor): Known for its exceptional hold, this anchor digs deep into soft or rocky bottoms and handles strong currents. It’s a popular choice for overnight anchoring or offshore adventures.

Every anchor in our catalog is rigorously tested to ensure it delivers the reliability and performance you need. Whether you’re cruising calm bays or navigating rough seas, we have the perfect anchor to keep your mind at ease. Browse our selection today and set sail with confidence!

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