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Upgrade Your Concrete Projects with Our Top-Notch Plastic and Rubber Products

We offer a complete line of plastic and rubber products designed to streamline your concrete formwork projects. These essential components include:

Plastic Rebar Chair and Rebar Cap: Built tough for long life, these ensure proper spacing and support for your rebar during concrete pours. They create consistent spacing and positioning within the formwork, leading to stronger and longer-lasting concrete structures.
Plastic Bolt: This versatile fastener is easy and efficient to use. Made from strong plastic, it provides a secure connection that won’t rust, making it ideal for long-term concrete formwork applications.
Rubber Recess Former: Want precise recesses or voids in your concrete? Our high-quality rubber former is both flexible and durable, allowing it to fit seamlessly into various formwork setups. Whether you’re embedding utilities, fixtures, or decorative elements, it ensures consistent results and a more appealing finished product.
Plastic Foundation Vent: This crucial component provides ventilation and moisture control for below-ground concrete work. Made from durable plastic, it resists the elements and ensures optimal curing conditions for your foundation. This promotes both the longevity of your structure and a healthy indoor environment.

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