Çift Çatallı Bağlantı

The double clevis link is a versatile and widely used connecting device in various industries, particularly in lifting, rigging, and suspension systems. It provides a secure and adjustable connection between two components, typically chains or hooks, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in various applications.

Çift Çatallı Bağlantı Açıklama

The double clevis link consists of two U-shaped clevises connected by a threaded bolt or pin. Each clevis has a hole or slot at the open end, allowing for attachment to chains, hooks, or other rigging components. The threaded bolt or pin passes through the aligned holes or slots of both clevises and is secured with nuts or cotter pins, ensuring a tight and stable connection.

The adjustable nature of the double clevis link is one of its key features. By adjusting the position of the threaded bolt or pin along the holes or slots in the clevises, the effective length of the link can be modified. This adjustability allows for precise positioning and alignment of components, accommodating different distances and angles as required by the application.

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