Sling Anyaman Pengangkat Datar Berkekuatan Tinggi

1. Material: Nylon, Polyester Fibre, Polypropylene Fiber
2. Usage: Lifting, Lashing, etc.
3. Color: All Colors Available
4. WLL: from 1 to 24 Ton.Support for customisation.
5. Safety Factor: 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1, 8:1
6. Standard: EN 1492-1:2000

Sling Anyaman Pengangkat Datar Berkekuatan Tinggi Deskripsi

Creating Endings with Flat Webbing Slings

Flat woven webbing slings, often combined with slinging accessories, offer versatility in creating endings. They can be seamlessly sewn together at the ends to form loops or folded back on themselves, resulting in endless flat slings.

Protective Measures for Textile Slings

All textile slings, including flat webbing slings, are prone to mechanical damage. Safeguard these slings with protective sheaths made from materials like leather, canvas, sturdy fabric, PVC, polyurethane, or any other durable material.

Identifying a Flat Sling

Label Recognition

Flat webbing slings are identifiable through labels sewn onto the sling. The label, comprising a visible and hidden part, is crucial for identifying the sling’s main characteristics.

Label Contents

1:Color Coding: Green for polyamide, blue for polyester, and brown for polypropylene.

2:Essential Information: Maximum working load (WLL), material, accessory class, nominal length, manufacturer details, traceability code, harmonized standard number, and mandatory CE marking.

Load Capacity Strap Color

Different strap colors indicate associated load capacities:

Purple: 1 ton

Green: 2 tons

Yellow: 3 tons

Gray: 4 tons

Red: 5 tons

Brown: 6 tons

Blue: 8 tons

Orange: Over 10 tons

Visual Inspection of Flat Webbing Slings

To ensure safe usage, regularly inspect flat webbing slings visually. Remove slings from service if any of the following issues are detected:

Local deterioration not attributed to general wear and tear.

Transverse or longitudinal cuts, damage to edges, or cutting of seams and loops.

Chemical attacks causing material weakening or softening.

Heat or friction damage evidenced by a satin appearance in the fibers.

Damaged fittings at sling ends.

Sensitivity to Environmental Factors

Flat webbing slings are sensitive to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, causing component deterioration. Slings frequently exposed to the sun require special attention, as some may become brittle without visible changes.


Round Sling

A round webbing sling, also referred to as an endless sling or round sling, is a continuous loop of synthetic webbing material. Unlike flat webbing slings, round slings have no distinct ends. This design allows for more flexibility and versatility in lifting operations. Round slings evenly distribute the load weight around the entire circumference of the sling, reducing stress concentration points. They are particularly useful for lifting delicate or irregularly shaped loads.


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