Lifting Webbing Sling

A webbing sling, also known as a flat webbing sling, is a lifting accessory made of strong, woven synthetic webbing material. It is designed for lifting and moving heavy loads in a variety of industries. Webbing slings feature reinforced eyes on both ends, allowing them to be easily attached to lifting equipment. They are available in different lengths, widths, and load capacities to suit various lifting requirements.

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Lifting Webbing Sling Description

Flat Webbing Sling

A flat webbing sling is the most common and widely used type of webbing sling. It consists of a flat, belt-like webbing material with reinforced eyes at each end. These eyes can be used for connecting the sling to lifting equipment, such as hooks, shackles, or crane lifting points. Flat webbing slings provide excellent load stability and can handle a wide range of lifting applications.

flat webbing sling

Round Webbing Sling

A round webbing sling, also referred to as an endless sling or round sling, is a continuous loop of synthetic webbing material. Unlike flat webbing slings, round slings have no distinct ends. This design allows for more flexibility and versatility in lifting operations. Round slings evenly distribute the load weight around the entire circumference of the sling, reducing stress concentration points. They are particularly useful for lifting delicate or irregularly shaped loads.



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