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What is the best type of Anchor

It depends on the size of your boat and where you anchor.Below I have listed several scenarios that each require the use of different anchors. Hall anchor A Hall anchor is a commonly used conventional stockless anchor found throughout the commercial shipping industry. The traditional design and proven performance makes the Hall anchor an attractive anchor

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wall tie

How to Install a Railroad Tie Wall

A railroad tie wall is an excellent addition to one’s home or business. Standardized wall are made from railroad ties, which are columns that are attached to each other with metal brackets. The wall is then strong and durable, and it can be installed in a variety of different ways. You will need to gather the materials you require. That includes

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How to Identify Faulty Wall Ties

Expanding damages caused by faulty wall ties can be a costly and time-consuming problem. Today, we will discuss how to identify faulty wall ties and how to repair them. We will also give a step-by-step guide on how to replace wall ties in a cost-effective & timely manner. Wall ties are an important part of

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