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At H&F, we get it: keeping your industrial or commercial operation running smoothly requires the right tools. That’s why we offer a complete line of top-notch rigging hardware to tackle any lifting, rigging, or securing job.

Built to Lift, Built to Last:

Shackles: Forget flimsy connections! Our shackles (anchor, chain, screw pin) are built tough to link chains, ropes, and other equipment for secure lifting and pulling.

Hooks: Need a reliable way to attach and lift loads? Look no further than our hooks (eye, clevis, and more). We have various configurations to handle any job.

Turnbuckles: Fine-tune tension with ease! Our turnbuckles (eye & eye, hook & eye, etc.) offer precision adjustments for your rigging setups.

Wire Rope Essentials: We have everything you need to secure and terminate wire rope, including clips, thimbles, and ferrules. Keep your lifting operations safe and sound.

Lifting Eyes & Lugs: Need strong anchor points for lifting? Our lifting eyes and lugs come in various sizes and capacities to handle any load you throw at them.

No matter what your lifting or rigging needs are, H&F has the hardware to get the job done right. We use only high-quality materials and precision engineering to ensure our products meet the demands of any work environment.