G209 G210 Galvanized Shackle

The G209 Galvanized Shackle and G210 Galvanized Shackle are two types of shackles commonly used in various rigging and lifting applications. These shackles are designed to provide a secure connection between lifting components such as slings, ropes, and chains.

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G209 G210 Galvanized Shackle Description

The G209 Galvanized Shackle and G210 Galvanized Shackle are manufactured from high-quality steel and undergo a galvanization process. Galvanization involves coating the steel with a layer of zinc, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and protects the shackles from rust and other forms of degradation. This makes them well-suited for use in outdoor, marine, and corrosive environments.

Both shackles feature a bow-shaped design with a threaded pin or bolt for secure fastening. The bow shape allows for easy attachment of multiple components, while the threaded pin ensures a reliable and tight closure. These shackles are typically marked with their working load limit (WLL) and other relevant specifications to ensure safe and proper usage.

The G209 Galvanized Shackle and G210 Galvanized Shackle come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different working load limits, allowing you to choose the appropriate shackle based on your specific lifting requirements. It’s essential to select the correct shackle for your application to ensure the safety and integrity of your lifting operations.

Whether you need to lift heavy loads or secure equipment, the G209 Galvanized Shackle and G210 Galvanized Shackle are reliable and durable options that provide a strong connection point for your rigging needs.

G209 G210 shackle S209T

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