Concrete Steel Slab Bolster

A concrete slab bolster is a type of reinforcement used in concrete slab construction. It is a small, U-shaped steel bar that is placed horizontally between the bottom and top layers of reinforcing steel bars, known as rebar, to support and space them properly during the pouring and setting of the concrete.

Product Description

Concrete slab bolsters come in different sizes and heights to accommodate the desired height of the rebar in the slab. They are typically made of low-carbon steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust, and their shape provides stability and prevents the rebar from slipping or moving during concrete placement.

The use of concrete slab bolsters helps ensure that the rebar is positioned correctly to provide maximum strength and durability to the concrete slab. They are commonly used in the construction of large flat surfaces, such as floors, parking lots, and roadways.

slab bolster

slab bolster slab bolster

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