The Story of our H&F

The story of the successful company Qingdao H&F Manufacturing Co-operation begins from 2008, When Mrs Shirley started her journey for becoming in the field of hardware and constitution products.

She graduated from Qingdao University and moved forward in her life by doing a Masters Geo-sciences, But her passion for becoming the first female CEO in the field of Professional concrete forming accessories and ringing hardware was just started, She started the company from 3 people and made it to multi-million dollar business as it stands today.

Shirley Xu-HF CEO

She is proud of her our contribution to the construction of world wide projects! As long as there are houses, office buildings, bridges, ports, subways, highways and so on, these places have to be build by our products! We have customers all over the world to all over the world, and the world’s top 500 companies are in cooperation, we have construction hardware accessories and marine hardware rigging accessories from the United States the most advanced technology and ideas.

HF factory

And our team in the United States and the team of these companies continue to develop, innovate and improve, so that customers and the world’s infrastructure continue to provide the best choice. Make our products all over the world, there have been 110 countries to buy customers use our products, we build a better world!

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