Double Wire Rope Loop Box

The Double Wire Rope Loop Box is a specialized device used in the lifting and rigging industry. It is designed to create a loop in a wire rope by splicing the rope together with a metal sleeve, also known as a ferrule or a swage. The Double Wire Rope Loop Box allows the splicing process to be done with two separate wire rope segments, resulting in a loop with twice the strength of a single wire rope.

Product Description

The Double Wire Rope Loop Box typically consists of a metal frame with two openings, each of which is designed to hold one end of a wire rope. The two wire ropes are then fed through the frame and spliced together using a swaging tool. The resulting loop is then used for lifting heavy objects or as part of a larger rigging system.

The Double Wire Rope Loop Box is commonly used in applications such as construction, marine, and oil and gas industries, where heavy lifting is required. It is important to use proper techniques and equipment when splicing wire rope to ensure the safety and reliability of the rigging system.

double wire rope loop box

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