Footing Tie

A footing tie, also known as a foundation tie or anchor bolt, is a type of connection device used in concrete construction to secure the bottom plate of a wood-framed wall to the concrete footing or foundation.

Product Description

The footing tie consists of a threaded bolt or rod that is embedded into the concrete footing or foundation during construction. The other end of the tie has a plate or other type of fastening mechanism that is attached to the wood framing.

Footing ties are an essential component of wood-framed construction because they help to prevent lateral movement and provide resistance to uplift forces. Without proper footing ties, wood-framed structures can be vulnerable to damage or collapse during strong winds, earthquakes, or other types of external forces.

Footing ties come in various sizes and types depending on the load requirements of the structure and the specific construction needs. They must be installed according to the building code and the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that they are effective and safe.


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