Clevis Grab Hooks

Grab hooks are specialized hooks used for gripping and securing chains or other types of tensioned materials. These hooks are commonly employed in industries such as construction, towing, and agriculture, where heavy lifting and load securement are required.

Clevis Grab Hooks Description

The design of grab hooks typically consists of a curved, U-shaped body with a latch or pin mechanism at the opening of the hook. This latch helps to keep the chain or material securely in place, preventing accidental slippage during operation. The shape of the hook allows it to grab onto the links of a chain or other suitable attachment points.

Grab hooks are often made from robust materials such as alloy steel to provide strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and tough working conditions, ensuring their reliability and longevity.

Grab Hooks

These hooks are commonly used in applications where quick and temporary connections or adjustments are needed. They are particularly useful for load securement, such as when securing cargo on a truck or trailer, or for attaching chains to lifting devices like cranes or hoists. The grab hooks can be easily attached and detached from the chain or material, allowing for efficient and convenient load handling.


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