Ground Screw Pole Anchor | Ground Screw Pile Anchor

Ground Screw Pole Anchors and Ground Screw Pile Anchors are two types of foundations that are used to support various structures such as decks, fences, solar panels, and buildings.

Product Description

The Ground Screw Pole Anchor is a steel pole that has a helical plate welded onto one end. The helical plate acts as a screw, allowing the anchor to be twisted into the ground. The top of the pole is designed to support various structures, such as a fence post or a light pole.

The Ground Screw Pile Anchor, on the other hand, is a helical screw that is designed to support heavier structures, such as a building or a bridge. It has a longer and thicker helical plate and a longer shaft to provide greater support and stability.

Both Ground Screw Pole Anchors and Ground Screw Pile Anchors are environmentally friendly and have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional concrete foundations. They are also more efficient and cost-effective as they require less time and labor for installation.

ground screw pole pile anchor

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