Hall Anchor

A Hall anchor is a commonly used conventional stockless anchor found throughout the commercial shipping industry. The traditional design and proven performance makes the Hall anchor an attractive anchor for your ship. The Hall anchor is stowed against the shell or frog eye.

Product Description

The Hall Anchor, also known as the Admiralty Pattern Anchor, is a type of anchor that has been widely used in the maritime industry for many decades. It is named after its designer, Commander Hall of the Royal Navy, who introduced this anchor design in the 19th century.

The Hall Anchor is characterized by its sturdy and robust construction, which provides excellent holding power in various seabed conditions. It consists of a heavy, solid shank with a stock at the crown, which serves as a pivot point for the anchor’s arms or flukes.

The flukes of the Hall Anchor are large and broad, usually with pointed tips. They are designed to dig deeply into the seabed and provide a secure hold. The flukes are attached to the anchor’s arms, which extend from the shank and are curved slightly downwards to enhance the anchor’s holding capability.

One of the distinctive features of the Hall Anchor is its ability to pivot on the stock, allowing it to orient itself according to the direction of the pulling force. This self-alignment feature enables the anchor to reset itself if the wind or current changes, ensuring a consistent and reliable hold.

The Hall Anchor is typically made of high-quality cast iron or steel, providing strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is often painted or galvanized to further enhance its protection against the corrosive effects of seawater.



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