Dog Bone Lifting Anchor DSA DRA Anchor

Lifting Anchor manufacturers & suppliers.uni-lift anchor/dog bon.Are widely used at precast concrete that speeds up the construction progress.

Dog Bone Lifting Anchor DSA DRA Anchor Description

A lifting anchor is a component used in concrete forming to provide a secure and safe way to lift and move concrete panels or other concrete structures during construction. The lifting anchor is embedded into the concrete panel or structure during the casting process and serves as an attachment point for cranes or other lifting equipment to lift and move the panel or structure to its final position.

There are several types of lifting anchors used in concrete forming, including plate anchors, eye anchors, and swift lift anchors. Plate anchors are flat, rectangular-shaped anchors that are cast into the concrete panel or structure and have a lifting hole in the center. Eye anchors have a loop or eye-shaped attachment point and are used when a larger lifting point is required. Swift lift anchors are designed to allow for rapid lifting and placement of precast concrete elements and typically feature a threaded end that allows for quick and easy installation.

The use of lifting anchors is essential in the construction industry as it allows for the safe and efficient movement of heavy concrete panels or structures, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to the concrete elements. It is important to follow proper installation procedures to ensure that the lifting anchor is securely embedded in the concrete and can withstand the weight of the concrete panel or structure during lifting and movement.

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DRA anchor DSA anchor

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