Long Wedge Bolt

Long wedge bolt,standard wedge bolt,adjustable wedge bolt.Professional suppliers support customization.

Product Description

A long wedge bolt is a type of fastener commonly used in concrete forming applications. It is designed to securely fasten two or more form panels together to create a tight, strong seal that can withstand the pressure and weight of poured concrete.

The long wedge bolt consists of a long, threaded shaft with a tapered, pointed end and a large, flat head. The tapered end is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the form panel and tightened using a wrench or socket, causing the wedge shape to expand and lock the panel in place.

One of the key advantages of the long wedge bolt is its ability to create a very tight seal between form panels. This helps prevent leakage and seepage of concrete, which can compromise the integrity of the final structure.

Long wedge bolts are typically made from high-strength steel or other durable materials that can withstand the heavy loads and stresses involved in concrete forming. They are available in a range of lengths and diameters to accommodate different types of formwork and concrete projects.

wedge bolt

X Flat Tie

Wedge Bolt is used in combination with X Flat Tie.

Concrete Forms X Flat Tie is a specialized accessory used in the construction industry to secure and reinforce concrete forms. It is designed to provide strength, stability, and durability to concrete structures during the pouring and curing process.

x flat tie

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