Braidge Overhang Bracket

Overhang Bracket is a classic design for the bridge industry. This state-of-the-art standard Bridge Overhang Bracket is designed for use on steel and concrete girders. Easy and quick presetting on the ground is only one of the features.

Product Description

An overhang bracket is a component used in concrete forming to support the weight of the forms that extend beyond the edge of a slab or beam. The bracket is typically made of steel and is designed to be attached to the top of a vertical formwork member, such as a stud or waler, and extend horizontally outward to support the overhanging portion of the formwork.

Overhang brackets come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of formwork and concrete construction applications. They are commonly used in the construction of concrete balconies, cantilevered slabs, and other structures where a portion of the formwork extends beyond the edge of a slab or beam.

The bracket is designed to be strong enough to support the weight of the overhanging formwork and any concrete that is poured into it. It is also designed to be easily adjustable, so that the height of the overhang can be modified to accommodate changes in the construction plan.

Overhang brackets are an important component of concrete formwork, as they help ensure that the formwork is properly supported and that the concrete is poured in a way that creates a strong, stable structure.

overhang bracket

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