Roud Ferrule Elephant Foot Ferrule

Roud Ferrule and Elephant Foot Ferrule it helps to ensure the integrity and longevity of the structures we build.

Product Description

Round Ferrule

A concrete round ferrule is a type of fitting used in concrete construction to secure reinforcing bars or rebar in place. It is a cylindrical sleeve made of steel that is designed to fit around the ends of the rebar, creating a tight and secure connection between the rebar and the concrete.

The concrete round ferrule is typically used in applications where the rebar needs to be secured vertically or horizontally in concrete structures such as columns, walls, beams, and slabs. It provides additional support and stability to the concrete structure and helps to prevent cracking and other forms of damage.

Concrete round ferrules come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit different diameters of rebar. They can be easily installed by inserting the rebar into the ferrule and then placing the assembly into the formwork before pouring the concrete.


Elephant Foot Ferrule

The Elephant Foot Ferrule is a type of formwork anchor that is commonly used in construction. It is a metal component that is shaped like an elephant’s foot and is designed to distribute the weight of the concrete evenly across the formwork. The ferrule is usually made of steel or other high-strength materials that can withstand the weight and pressure of the concrete.

The Elephant Foot Ferrule is easy to use and can be quickly installed into the formwork. It is inserted into a hole in the formwork and secured in place with a wedge or other locking mechanism. The ferrule is then connected to the formwork using a threaded rod or tie rod.

The advantage of using Elephant Foot Ferrules is that they provide a strong and stable support for the formwork, which helps to prevent any deformation or movement during the pouring and setting of the concrete. This, in turn, helps to ensure that the finished concrete structure is of high quality and meets the required specifications.


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