Concrete Forming Accessories Shore Clamp

Shore Clamp allows for a quick and easy way to create a fully adjustable support system with two pieces of timber.

Product Description

A shore clamp is a device used in concrete forming to secure and stabilize vertical shoring posts or “shore” posts. Shoring posts are used to support the weight of the concrete formwork, which is the structure used to hold the concrete in place as it sets.

The shore clamp is typically made of steel and consists of two jaws that can be tightened around the shoring post using a threaded rod. The clamp provides a strong, secure connection between the shoring post and the formwork, preventing the post from slipping or moving out of place during the concrete pouring process.

Shore clamps are essential in ensuring the safety and stability of the concrete formwork, as any movement or shifting can result in the collapse of the entire structure. They are commonly used in construction projects where large volumes of concrete are poured, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and tunnels.

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