What Is a Rebar Chair

Rebar chair is a construction accessory used to support and maintain the correct positioning of reinforcement bars (rebar) within concrete formwork during the pouring and curing of concrete.

rebar chair

Its primary purpose is to ensure that the rebar remains at the desired distance from the formwork’s surface, contributing to the creation of structurally sound and durable concrete structures.

Rebar chairs are essential for maintaining rebar alignment, preventing concrete cover distortion, and enhancing concrete durability in construction projects.

Achieving the correct concrete cover thickness, which typically ranges from 15mm to 200mm, is crucial to the durability and structural integrity of reinforced concrete structures. Plastic rebar chairs, specifically designed for maintaining this essential protective layer, play a central role in construction projects.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how plastic rebar chairs help ensure precise concrete cover and how to select the right chair size for your project.

rebar chair

Understanding Concrete Cover

Concrete cover refers to the distance between the outer surface of the rebar and the nearest surface of the concrete formwork. This protective layer of concrete serves several critical purposes:

Corrosion Protection:

Adequate concrete cover shields the rebar from environmental elements, preventing corrosion and rusting that can weaken the structure over time.

Fire Resistance

A sufficient concrete cover enhances a structure’s fire resistance, as it insulates the rebar from the high temperatures generated during a fire.

Structural Integrity

Precise concrete cover ensures that the rebar remains in its intended position, contributing to the structural stability and load-bearing capacity of the concrete elements.

rebar chair

Selecting the Right Plastic Rebar Chair Size

To achieve the desired concrete cover, it is essential to choose the appropriate plastic rebar chair size. Here are the key factors to consider when selecting the chair size for your project:

Required Cover Distance:

Refer to project plans or specifications to determine the required concrete cover distance. This measurement will serve as the basis for selecting the chair size.

Chair Height:

Plastic rebar chairs are available in various heights, ranging from 15mm to 200mm or more. Select chairs that match or slightly exceed the required concrete cover distance to ensure precise compliance.

Concrete Mix and Aggregates:

Consider the type of concrete mix and aggregates used in your project. Some projects may require thicker concrete covers to account for larger aggregate sizes.

Rebar Diameter:

The diameter of the rebar being used in your project also influences the choice of chair size. Ensure that the chair can comfortably accommodate the rebar without compromising its stability.

Load-Bearing Requirements:

Evaluate the load-bearing requirements of the structure. In heavy-duty applications, thicker concrete covers may be necessary to meet structural specifications.

rebar chair

Installation of Plastic Rebar Chairs for Precise Concrete Cover

Once you have selected the appropriate plastic rebar chair size based on the factors mentioned above, follow these general installation steps to ensure precise concrete cover:

Determine Chair Placement: 

Refer to project plans or specifications to identify the required chair placement locations along the rebar.

Select Chairs:

Choose plastic rebar chairs with heights that match the desired concrete cover distance. Ensure the chairs are level and stable.

Position the Chairs:

Place the chairs at the specified intervals along the length of the rebar, ensuring they are evenly spaced and aligned.

Lower the Rebar:

Carefully lower the rebar into the plastic rebar chairs, ensuring it rests securely on them. Verify that the rebar maintains the desired concrete cover distance.

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Conclusion about Rebar Chair

Achieving precise concrete cover is a critical aspect of constructing durable and structurally sound reinforced concrete structures. Plastic rebar chairs, available in various sizes, play an instrumental role in maintaining this essential protective layer.

By carefully selecting the right chair size based on project requirements and following proper installation procedures, construction professionals can ensure that their projects meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and longevity. If you are interested in our plastic rebar chairs or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us for more information and personalized assistance.

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