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Concrete Form Full Tie Nominal Tie

The aluminum Form tie secures the forms and makes sure they are at a certain distance from each other.

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Concrete Form Full Tie Nominal Tie Description

Concrete forming is a process in which concrete is poured into a mold or formwork, which creates the desired shape and size of the final product. Two types of ties are used in concrete forming: full ties and nominal ties.

Full ties are also known as through ties, and they are used to connect opposite sides of the formwork. They extend through the entire thickness of the concrete, creating a continuous connection between the two sides. Full ties are essential for ensuring that the formwork can withstand the pressure of the concrete as it is poured and cured. They are typically made of steel and are designed to be easily removable after the concrete has hardened.

Nominal ties, on the other hand, are used to hold the two sides of the formwork together without penetrating the concrete. They are typically made of plastic or other non-metallic materials and are used in situations where the concrete does not need to be completely reinforced. Nominal ties are used for smaller concrete projects, such as walls or sidewalks, where the load on the formwork is relatively low.

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