Construction Hardware Round Head Pin

Round/flat head pin/combo pin for aluminum forming system accessories & hardware in concrete building.

Product Description

wall tie

Round head pins are commonly used in concrete forming and construction projects. These pins are typically made of steel and have a round head that allows for easy insertion and removal. They are used to secure concrete forms together, ensuring that the forms stay in place during the pouring and setting of concrete.

Round head pins are designed to be used in conjunction with other concrete forming accessories such as snap ties, wedges, and flat ties. They are inserted through the holes in the forms and then bent over to secure the forms together. This ensures that the forms remain aligned and in place during the pouring and setting of the concrete.

Round head pins come in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different types and thicknesses of concrete forms. They are typically made from high-strength steel to provide durability and resistance to bending or breaking under pressure.

Round head pin Round head pin


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