Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert

An Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert is a type of fitting used in piping systems that helps to connect two pipes together. It consists of a small, tapered metal tube with a series of coils or ridges on the outside. The coils allow the insert to grip the inside of the pipe securely, creating a tight seal.

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Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert Description

The Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert is a type of concrete hardware used in construction to provide a secure and reliable anchor point for various types of equipment, fixtures, and fittings. It consists of a coiled wire that is embedded into the concrete structure during the pouring process, creating a strong and durable anchor point that can withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions.

The Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert is typically made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel or stainless steel, and is designed to provide maximum strength and durability. It is commonly used in applications such as concrete forms, tilt-up walls, precast panels, bridge decks, and other structural components.

One of the key advantages of the Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert is its unique design, which allows it to expand and grip the surrounding concrete as it is installed. This creates a secure and reliable anchor point that is less likely to pull out or fail under heavy loads. Additionally, its low profile design makes it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited.


Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert Expanded Coil Ferrule Insert



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