L Leg Ferrule Inserts

Coil Insert L-Leg. L-shaped design for handling thin concrete slabs and pavement replacement sections. • Four leg designs to spread load.

Product Description

L Leg coil insert

L-leg ferrule inserts are an important component used in concrete forming. They are typically made of steel and are inserted into holes drilled into the concrete formwork. The L-leg ferrule inserts provide a secure and stable anchor point for the formwork ties, which are used to hold the forms in place during the pouring and setting of the concrete.

The L-leg ferrule inserts are designed with an L-shaped leg, which is placed into the drilled hole and then secured with a wedge. This creates a strong and secure connection between the insert and the concrete formwork.

The L-leg ferrule inserts come in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate different thicknesses of concrete forms. They are typically used in conjunction with other formwork components, such as form ties, form release agents, and snap ties, to create a complete and secure system for forming concrete structures.

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