Snap Tie Wedge

Snap Tie Wedge make the installation of concrete formwork and walls easier and more efficient than ever with this high-strength, galvanized steel snap tie wedges.

Designed to resist corrosion and hold up to both standard and heavy snap ties for any sized job, these wedges are superb for commercial or residential projects and can be reused time and again without performance suffering.

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Snap Tie Wedge Description

The snap tie wedge is a component used in concrete forming to secure the snap tie to the formwork. The snap tie is a metal bar with bent ends that passes through the formwork to hold the two sides of the form together. The snap tie wedge is a small plastic or metal wedge that is inserted into the end of the snap tie after it has been passed through the formwork.

The snap tie wedge is designed to grip the snap tie tightly and prevent it from slipping out of the formwork as the concrete is poured and sets. It is also used to ensure that the snap tie is properly aligned and spaced to create the desired shape and finish of the concrete surface.

The snap tie wedge is typically made from a durable and reusable material such as plastic or metal, and is available in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of snap ties and formwork configurations. It is an essential component in the concrete forming process, and its proper use and placement is critical to the success of the project.



HF snap tie wedge HF snap tie wedge HF snap tie wedge

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