Jahn A Bracket Jahn C Bracket

A Bracket A Bracket、C Bracketused for retaining and standard walls, batter walls, bridges.

Jahn A Bracket Jahn C Bracket Description

Snap Tie Wedge & Jahn A bracket Jahn C Bracket

Picture Product Name Surface Treatment Weight(kg) Packing
SNAP TIE WEDGE Snap Tie Wedge Bolt Galvanizing 0.18/0.21 100pcs/carton
JAHN A bracket Jahn A Bracket Painting and Galvanizing 0.57 25pcs/carton
jahn c bracket Jahn C Bracket Painting and Galvanizing 0.437 25pcs/carton

Jahn A Bracket and Jahn C Bracket are two types of brackets used in concrete forming. They are designed to provide a strong and stable connection between the forms and the support structure during the concrete pouring process.

The Jahn A Bracket is a heavy-duty bracket made of steel, which is used to support the horizontal and vertical forms of concrete structures. It has a special feature, a locking mechanism, that allows for easy and quick adjustment of the bracket’s position during the installation of the formwork.

On the other hand, the Jahn C Bracket is made of aluminum and is designed for use with the Jahn formwork system. It is a lighter bracket compared to the Jahn A Bracket and is easy to handle. The Jahn C Bracket is ideal for smaller concrete forming projects.

Both the Jahn A Bracket and Jahn C Bracket are versatile and can be used for a wide range of concrete forming applications. They are durable, reusable, and can withstand the heavy loads and pressures of the concrete pouring process. Additionally, they are easy to install and remove, which makes them a popular choice among construction professionals.

Jahn A Bracket Jahn A Bracket


① 4-3/4” End with 1”x1”plastic cone and hex head * wall size 6” to 72” as your requirement.

② 8-1/4” End with 1”x1”plastic cone and hex head * wall size 6” to 72” as your requirement.

6″-24″ Snap Tie with Short End

Snap Tie Short End Wall Thickness Safe Working Load Weight(kg) Packing
snap tie 4 -3/4" 6" 2250lbs 0.093 100pcs/Carton
8" 2250lbs 0.103 100pcs/Carton
10" 2250lbs 0.113 100pcs/Carton
12" 2250lbs 0.123 100pcs/Carton
14" 2250lbs 0.133 100pcs/Carton
16" 2250lbs 0.143 100pcs/Carton
18" 2250lbs 0.153 100pcs/Carton
24" 2250lbs 0.183 100pcs/Carton

6″-24″ Snap Tie with Long End

Snap Tie Short End Wall Thickness Safe Working Load Weight(kg) Packing
snap tie 8-1/4" 6" 2250lbs 0.128 100pcs/Carton
8" 2250lbs 0.138 100pcs/Carton
10" 2250lbs 0.148 100pcs/Carton
12" 2250lbs 0.158 100pcs/Carton
14" 2250lbs 0.168 100pcs/Carton
16" 2250lbs 0.178 100pcs/Carton
18" 2250lbs 0.188 100pcs/Carton
24" 2250lbs 0.218 100pcs/Carton

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