Plastic Cone Snap Tie

Concrete snap tie 4-3/4″ 8-1/4″ end with cone&washer.Snap Ties are used to vertically form concrete walls that can have a wide variety of widths and heights.

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Plastic Cone Snap Tie Description

A snap tie is a type of tie used in concrete forming, which is the process of creating temporary molds or structures to hold and shape wet concrete until it sets and hardens.

Snap ties are typically made of metal or plastic and consist of two parts: a flat tie and a curved tie. The flat tie is placed against the inner formwork, and the curved tie is inserted through a hole in the flat tie and bent around the outer formwork. The two parts of the tie are then snapped together to hold the formwork in place.

Snap ties are commonly used in vertical formwork applications such as walls, columns, and beams. They provide a quick and efficient means of securing the formwork and can be easily removed once the concrete has cured. However, care must be taken when removing the ties to prevent damage to the concrete surface.


snap tie snap tie snap tie

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