Concrete Formwork Snap Ties for Plywood

High strength & durable snap tie manufacturer & Supplier. Support customization. 6-48 inch long end short end snap ties concrete with plastic cone.

Concrete snap ties with plastic cone used in the process of concrete formwork. Formwork is the temporary structure or mold that holds and shapes freshly poured concrete until it hardens and gains enough strength to support itself. Snap ties with plastic cones are an integral part of this formwork system.

Product Description

Plastic Cone: The plastic cone serves as a spacer and ensures proper spacing between the concrete forms. It also prevents the snap tie from becoming embedded in the concrete.

Threaded Rod: The threaded rod is the long end of the snap tie, designed to go through the formwork and securely attach to the opposite end.

Ease of Installation: One of the key advantages of snap ties with plastic cones is their ease of installation. The plastic cone provides a visual indicator for achieving the desired spacing between the forms.

Reusable: These snap ties are reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for multiple construction projects in the U.S.

Applications: They are commonly used in various American concrete forming applications, such as walls, foundations, and columns.

6″-36″ Snap Tie with Short End

Short end snap ties are shorter in length and are typically used for simpler applications with minimal protrusion beyond the concrete surface. They are versatile and commonly employed in tasks such as forming walls, slabs, and smaller concrete structures.

Snap Tie Short End Wall Size Safe Working Load Weight(kg) Packing
snap tie 4 -3/4" 6" 2250lbs 0.093 100pcs/Carton
7” 2250lbs 0.099 100pcs/Carton
7-5/8” 2250lbs 0.101 100pcs/Carton
8" 2250lbs 0.103 100pcs/Carton
10" 2250lbs 0.113 100pcs/Carton
12" 2250lbs 0.123 100pcs/Carton
14" 2250lbs 0.133 100pcs/Carton
16" 2250lbs 0.143 100pcs/Carton
18" 2250lbs 0.153 100pcs/Carton
24" 2250lbs 0.183 100pcs/Carton
26“ 2250lbs 0.194 100pcs/Carton
28“ 2250lbs 0.204 100pcs/Carton
30” 2250lbs 0.214 100pcs/Carton
32“ 2250lbs 0.224 100pcs/Carton
34” 2250lbs 0.234 100pcs/Carton
36“ 2250lbs 0.244 100pcs/Carton

6″-48″ Snap Tie with Long End

Long end snap ties are longer in length and provide enhanced strength and stability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications with thicker formwork. They excel in large-scale projects like high-rise buildings, deep foundations, and substantial infrastructure constructions, where additional length and robust support are required.

Snap Tie Short End Wall Size Safe Working Load Weight(kg) Packing
snap tie 8-1/4" 6" 2250lbs 0.128 100pcs/Carton
7” 2250lbs 0.135 100pcs/Carton
7-5/8“ 2250lbs 0.137 100pcs/Carton
8" 2250lbs 0.138 100pcs/Carton
10" 2250lbs 0.148 100pcs/Carton
12" 2250lbs 0.158 100pcs/Carton
14" 2250lbs 0.168 100pcs/Carton
16" 2250lbs 0.178 100pcs/Carton
18" 2250lbs 0.188 100pcs/Carton
20” 2250lbs 0.2 100pcs/Carton
22“ 2250lbs 0.21 100pcs/Carton
24" 2250lbs 0.22 100pcs/Carton
26” 2250lbs 0.23 100pcs/Carton
28“ 2250lbs 0.24 100pcs/Carton
30“ 2250lbs 0.25 100pcs/Carton
32” 2250lbs 0.26 100pcs/Carton
33" 2250lbs 0.265 100pcs/Carton
34" 2250lbs 0.27 100pcs/Carton
36" 2250lbs 0.28 100pcs/Carton
39" 2250lbs 0.285 100pcs/Carton
42" 2250lbs 0.3 100pcs/Carton
48" 2250lbs 0.33 100pcs/Carton

Concrete Snap Ties with Washers are another essential component in the realm of concrete formwork in the United States. They differ from the plastic cone snap ties in a few significant ways:

Washer: In this type of snap tie, a washer is used to secure the formwork. The washer acts as a plate that holds the snap tie in place, providing extra stability.

Enhanced Stability: The use of a washer enhances the stability of the formwork, which is especially beneficial for U.S. projects that require additional support.

Reusable: Just like their plastic cone counterparts, snap ties with washers are also reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for American builders.

Applications: These snap ties are typically employed in heavy-duty U.S. concrete formwork applications, such as retaining walls and structures where extra support is needed.

Snap Tie Wedge & Jahn A bracket Jahn C Bracket

Picture Product Name Surface Treatment Weight(kg) Packing
SNAP TIE WEDGE Snap Tie Wedge Bolt Galvanizing 0.18/0.21 100pcs/carton
JAHN A bracket Jahn A Bracket Painting and Galvanizing 0.57 25pcs/carton
jahn c bracket Jahn C Bracket Painting and Galvanizing 0.437 25pcs/carton

Snap ties are commonly used in vertical formwork applications such as walls, columns, and beams. They provide a quick and efficient means of securing the formwork and can be easily removed once the concrete has cured. However, care must be taken when removing the ties to prevent damage to the concrete surface.

snap tie-install

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