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Concrete Formwork Tie Nut is a component used in construction to secure concrete formwork. Formwork is the temporary structure or mold that is used to shape and support concrete until it sets and becomes strong enough to stand on its own. Tie nuts are a type of threaded fastener that is used in conjunction with a tie rod to secure the formwork.

Product Description

A Tie Nut wing nut is a fastener used in concrete forming. It is a type of nut that has “wings” or protrusions on its sides that make it easy to tighten or loosen by hand. Tie Nut wing nuts are commonly used in conjunction with form ties, which are used to secure concrete forms together.

Concrete forming involves creating molds or frames that hold the wet concrete in place while it hardens and sets. The forms need to be securely fastened to prevent the concrete from leaking or shifting during the pouring and setting process. Tie Nut wing nuts are an effective and convenient way to do this.

The Tie Nut wing nut is designed to work with a specific form tie system, such as the Duraform system. The wing nut is threaded onto the end of the form tie and then tightened by hand. This securely fastens the form tie to the form and prevents it from moving during the pouring process.

Tie Nut wing nuts are typically made of steel or other durable materials that can withstand the pressures of concrete pouring and setting. They come in various sizes to accommodate different forms and tie systems.

Tie Nut


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