Concrete Form Single Waler Wedge Bracket

Concrete Formwork Construction Building Forms Accessories Steel Silvery Single Waler Wedge Bracket

Product Description

A single waler bracket is a component used in concrete formwork systems to support horizontal walers or beams. It is usually made of steel or aluminum and designed to attach to vertical formwork supports, such as posts or shores, via bolts or pins.

The purpose of the single waler bracket is to provide a secure connection point for horizontal walers, which are used to support the weight of the concrete formwork system and the wet concrete being poured into it. By using single waler brackets, contractors can quickly and easily adjust the placement of the horizontal walers to suit the specific requirements of the concrete pour.

Single waler brackets are commonly used in concrete construction projects such as walls, columns, and beams. They are often preferred over other types of waler brackets because they are easy to install and provide a strong, stable support for the horizontal walers. Additionally, since they are designed to work with single walers, they are more lightweight and cost-effective compared to double waler brackets that need two walers.

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