Concrete Form X Flat Tie

Standard x flat tie & Heavy duty x flat are designed for use in most steel ply modular forming systems utilizing wedge bolts to secure formwork.

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Concrete Form X Flat Tie Description

Concrete Forms X Flat Tie is a specialized accessory used in the construction industry to secure and reinforce concrete forms. It is designed to provide strength, stability, and durability to concrete structures during the pouring and curing process.

The Concrete Forms X Flat Tie features a flat profile, distinguishing it from traditional round or cylindrical ties. This design offers several advantages, including enhanced load-bearing capacity, reduced formwork deflection, and improved overall structural integrity. The flat shape also allows for easier installation and removal, making it a convenient choice for construction projects.

The X Flat Tie is typically made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials such as steel or galvanized steel, ensuring long-lasting performance in various weather conditions. Its robust construction and reliable grip help prevent the concrete forms from shifting or separating, ensuring precise alignment and accurate formwork.


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