Plastic Cone for Snap Tie

A plastic cone for snap tie is a specialized construction tool used in the process of forming concrete structures, such as walls or columns. The snap tie system is a method of securing the forms that shape the concrete by using metal or plastic ties that are snapped or hammered into place.

Product Description

The plastic cone for snap tie is designed to be used in conjunction with snap ties and is used to create a space between the forms and the concrete. The cone is typically made from durable plastic and is placed on the end of the snap tie before it is inserted into the formwork. Once in place, the cone ensures that the snap tie remains in the correct position, preventing it from being pushed too far into the concrete.

The use of plastic cones for snap ties has several advantages over traditional metal cones. They are lightweight, easy to handle and remove, and can be reused multiple times. Additionally, plastic cones do not rust, which can be a problem with metal cones.


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