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Standard Wedge Bolt Description

The Standard Wedge Bolt is a type of fastener used in concrete forming applications. It is designed to securely hold concrete forms together during the pouring and setting process, ensuring that the forms remain in place and maintain their shape.

The Wedge Bolt consists of two main parts: a threaded bolt and a wedge-shaped clip. The bolt is inserted through a hole in one form and then threaded into a hole in an adjoining form. The wedge clip is then inserted into a slot on the end of the bolt, and as the bolt is tightened, the clip is forced into the hole, creating a tight, secure joint between the two forms.

One of the main advantages of the Wedge Bolt is its ease of use. The simple design allows it to be quickly and easily installed with only a few simple tools. It is also highly adjustable, making it ideal for use with a wide range of formwork systems and applications.

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