Concrete Form Curved Wedge Straight Wedge

Straight edge used for testing slab deformation.curved wedge is used in formwork with standard bolt together.

Concrete Form Curved Wedge Straight Wedge Description

wall tie

Curved Wedges:

Curved wedges, also known as taper ties, are wedge-shaped metal components that are used to secure formwork in place. They are typically used in combination with form ties, which are metal rods that connect the formwork to the structural framework of the building.

Curved wedges are designed to fit into a specific slot in the form tie, and are typically inserted at an angle into the tie to create a secure connection. As the wedge is driven deeper into the slot, it tightens the form tie and helps to hold the formwork securely in place.

Straight Wedges:

Straight wedges, also known as flat wedges, are similar in shape to curved wedges but do not have a curved surface. Instead, they have a flat surface that is designed to fit snugly against the formwork and hold it in place.

Straight wedges are typically used in conjunction with snap ties, which are metal wires that are threaded through the formwork to hold it in place. The wedges are inserted into a slot in the snap tie, and are then driven deeper into the slot to create a secure connection.

Both curved wedges and straight wedges are important components in concrete forming, and are essential for creating a strong and durable structure. The choice of which type of wedge to use will depend on the specific needs of the project and the type of formwork being used.

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