Galvanized Coil Nails

These Coil Framing nails are ideal for all Framing and sheathing applications. Quality manufacturing processes ensure proper feeding.

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Galvanized Coil Nails Description

Coil nails for concrete forming are specialized nails designed for use in the construction of concrete forms, which are used to shape and hold wet concrete in place as it sets. These nails are typically made from high-strength steel and are available in various lengths and diameters, depending on the specific application.

Coil nails are so named because they are supplied in coiled strips, which can be loaded into a pneumatic nail gun for rapid and efficient installation. This makes them a popular choice among contractors and builders who need to secure large numbers of nails quickly and efficiently.

Concrete forming coil nails typically have a smooth shank to allow them to be driven into the concrete forms without causing excessive splitting or cracking. They may also have a small head or no head at all, which helps to minimize the appearance of nail holes in the finished concrete surface.

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