Concrete Forming 2/4 Strut Coil Ties for Formwork

Coil ties are a type of hardware used in concrete forming to secure the forms together and prevent the concrete from leaking out during pouring and setting. They are typically made of steel wire and are designed to wrap around the forms in a coil-like fashion, hence the name.

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Product Description

Coil ties come in different sizes and lengths to accommodate different form heights and thicknesses. They are easy to install and remove, making them a popular choice for concrete contractors who need to quickly and efficiently secure their forms.

coil tie install

To use coil ties, one end of the wire is inserted into a small hole in the form, and then the wire is wrapped around the form several times before being inserted into another hole on the opposite side of the form. The process is repeated at regular intervals along the length of the form until it is fully secured.

Coil ties are an effective and economical solution for concrete forming, and they are commonly used in applications such as foundation walls, retaining walls, and bridge abutments.

Coil Ties

Coil Ties Coil Ties     

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