Eye & Eye Swivel

The Eye & Eye Swivel is a versatile and commonly used hardware component in various industries, including marine, construction, and rigging. It is designed to provide flexibility, rotation, and load-bearing capabilities in a wide range of applications.

Product Description

The Eye & Eye Swivel consists of two metal loops, or eyes, which are connected by a rotating joint. Each eye features a hole or opening that allows for attachment to different objects or lifting equipment. The rotating joint, usually a ball bearing or roller bearing mechanism, enables smooth and controlled swiveling motion between the two eyes.

One of the primary functions of the Eye & Eye Swivel is to prevent the twisting or tangling of ropes, cables, or chains during lifting or pulling operations. By incorporating a swiveling mechanism, it allows the attached lines to rotate freely without causing excessive stress or strain. This helps to minimize the risk of entanglement, reduces wear and tear on the lifting equipment, and enhances overall safety.


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