Fist Grip Clamps

The Fist Grip is a commonly used hardware component in rigging and lifting applications. It is specifically designed to secure the ends of wire ropes or cables together, providing a reliable and safe connection.

The Fist Grip typically consists of a metal body with a U-shaped groove or saddle, along with a threaded bolt or multiple bolts and nuts. The wire rope is placed within the U-shaped groove, and the bolts are tightened to compress the grip around the wire rope, creating a secure and firm hold.

The design of the Fist Grip ensures that the wire rope remains in place and prevents it from slipping or coming loose under tension. It is commonly used to create loops, terminate wire rope ends, or join two sections of wire rope together.

Product Description


Fist Grip Clamps

As a seasoned wire rope and wire rope clip supplier, H&F understands the critical role of strong, reliable connections in ensuring safety and efficiency. That’s why we proudly introduce Fist Grips – the next generation of rope security, designed to elevate your rigging game to new heights.

But before we delve into the power of Fist Grips, let’s set the stage with the key players in this robust ecosystem:

1. Wire Rope: The core of any rigging system, wire rope provides exceptional strength and flexibility for demanding lifting, hoisting, and securing applications. Imagine it as the unyielding backbone of your operation.

wire rope

2. Wire Rope Clip: These versatile workhorses offer a simple and effective way to create loops or connect wire rope to other components. Think of them as the dependable hands that firmly grasp and hold the rope in place.

wire rope clip

3. Fist Grip: These revolutionary clips redefine rope security by offering unparalleled speed, ease, and efficiency. Picture them as the next-gen hands, equipped with an ironclad grip and streamlined operation.


4. Wire Rope Thimble: This unsung hero shields the rope’s vulnerable eye (looped end) from wear and tear. Imagine it as a protective knight’s helm, safeguarding the rope’s vital point.


5. Wire Rope Ferrule: Similar to a thimble, the ferrule acts as a sturdy cap, reinforcing the rope’s end and preventing fraying. Think of it as a steel helmet for the rope’s tip.


6. Duplex Wire Rope Clip: The Duplex Wire Rope Clip is a specialized fastening device designed for securing two sections of wire rope together. It plays a crucial role in creating a reliable connection, especially in situations where a loop or eye in the wire rope is required.


Unleashing the Fist Grip Advantage:

H&F’s Fist Grips stand out from the crowd with their game-changing capabilities:

  • Rapid Deployment: Their single-bolt design eliminates the need for cumbersome multiple U-bolts, dramatically reducing installation time and effort.
  • Effortless Torqueing: The integrated nuts offer superior access and leverage for tightening, making the process smooth and efficient.
  • Unwavering Security: Their forged steel construction and superior grip ensure unmatched holding power, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Extended Rope Life: The smooth, rounded profile minimizes friction and wear on the wire rope, extending its lifespan and maximizing value.

Fist Grip in Action:

H&F’s Fist Grips work their magic effortlessly:

  1. Threading with Ease: Simply pass the wire rope through the Fist Grip’s saddle.
  2. Swift Bolt Insertion: Slide the bolt through the saddle hole, ensuring the U-bolt rests securely on the rope.
  3. Effortless Tightening: Turn the nut clockwise with a wrench until the rope is firmly gripped.

The Synergy of Strength:

H&F’s Fist Grips play seamlessly with other crucial wire rope components:

  • Wire Rope Clips: While Fist Grips offer superior speed and efficiency, traditional clips remain valuable for specific applications or as backups.
  • Wire Rope Thimbles: When forming a loop, always use a thimble to protect the rope’s eye from crushing and ensure optimal lifespan.
  • Wire Rope Ferrules: Consider ferrules for added protection against fraying at the rope’s end, especially for synthetic ropes.


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