Wire Rope

Wire rope rigging hardware refers to a range of specialized components and fittings designed to work in conjunction with wire ropes. These hardware items are used to create secure connections, facilitate the movement of loads, and provide support and stability in various rigging applications.

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Wire Rope Description

Here are some common types of wire rope rigging hardware:

Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips, also known as cable clamps or u-bolt clamps, are used to create an eye or loop in a wire rope by securing the loose end to the standing part of the rope. They consist of a u-shaped bolt, a saddle, and two nuts that are tightened to secure the rope in place.


wire rope clipwire rope clip

Shackles: Shackles are U-shaped metal connectors with a pin or screw-type closure. They are used to join wire ropes, slings, or other lifting components. Shackles come in various types, including anchor shackles, chain shackles, and bow shackles, each suited for different applications and load capacities.


Turnbuckles, also called bottle screws or rigging screws, are adjustable tensioning devices used to tighten or loosen wire ropes. They consist of two threaded eye bolts or hooks connected by a body that can be rotated to increase or decrease the tension in the wire rope.



Swivels are rotating connectors that allow wire ropes to rotate freely without twisting or kinking. They are commonly used in lifting operations and applications where the load needs to rotate or change direction.



Thimbles are metal sleeves inserted into the eyes or loops of wire ropes to prevent wear and deformation caused by friction and bending. They help maintain the rope’s shape and protect it from abrasion.



Hooks are curved or bent metal devices used to connect wire ropes to loads or other rigging components. They come in various configurations, such as clevis hooks, grab hooks, and eye hooks, and are designed to securely hold and suspend loads.

eye hook

Links and Rings

Links and rings are circular connectors made of metal. They are used to join multiple wire ropes or connect wire ropes to other rigging hardware. They provide a secure and reliable connection point in rigging assemblies.

Weldless Round Ring

Wire Rope Wire Rope

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