Swivel Hook

The Swivel Hook is a versatile and widely used hardware component in industries such as lifting, rigging, and material handling. It is designed to provide a secure attachment point while allowing for smooth rotation and articulation of loads.

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Swivel Hook Description

The Swivel Hook consists of a hook-shaped component that is attached to a rotating joint. The hook features a curved or J-shaped design with a latch or safety mechanism to secure the attachment. The rotating joint, often equipped with a ball bearing or roller bearing mechanism, allows the hook to swivel freely, providing flexibility and preventing twisting or tangling of attached objects.

One of the primary functions of the Swivel Hook is to lift, suspend, and move heavy loads in a controlled manner. It is commonly used with chains, slings, or other lifting equipment to provide a reliable connection and support the weight of the load. The swiveling capability of the hook allows for smooth rotation and alignment, reducing stress on the lifting gear and improving safety during lifting operations.

The construction of the Swivel Hook typically involves robust materials such as alloy steel or stainless steel to ensure its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is available in various sizes, weight capacities, and configurations to accommodate different load requirements and application needs.

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