Lifting Pin Eye Anchor

A Lifting Pin Eye Anchor is a device used in concrete forming to provide a secure and reliable way to lift and move concrete formwork. It consists of a steel rod with a large eye or loop at one end and a tapered point at the other. The tapered end is inserted into the concrete before it sets, and as the concrete hardens, it creates a strong bond with the anchor.

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Lifting Pin Eye Anchor Description

Once the concrete has cured, the lifting pin can be used to lift the formwork into place using a crane or other lifting equipment. The eye or loop at the top of the anchor provides a secure attachment point for the lifting equipment.

Lifting Pin Eye Anchors are commonly used in the construction of walls, columns, and other concrete structures where formwork needs to be lifted and moved repeatedly during the construction process. They are easy to install and remove, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for concrete formin

Uni-Lifting Eye Anchor 

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