Crown Foot Anchor

The Crown Foot Anchor is a type of anchoring system used in construction and civil engineering projects to provide stability and support to structures such as retaining walls, bridges, and other heavy loads. It consists of a steel rod with a crown-shaped plate at one end and a pointed end at the other.

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Crown Foot Anchor Description

The pointed end is driven into the ground or rock using a hydraulic hammer or similar equipment until it reaches a stable depth. Once in place, the crown-shaped plate at the top of the rod is secured to the structure using bolts or other fasteners, creating a strong and stable connection.

The Crown Foot Anchor is an effective anchoring solution for projects where traditional foundations are not feasible due to site conditions such as limited space, soil instability, or rocky terrain. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to other types of anchoring systems and is commonly used in various construction applications such as bridge construction, slope stabilization, and foundation support.

crown foot anchor

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