Female Hinge

The Female Hinge is a type of hardware used in concrete forming to create smooth, clean edges on concrete structures. It is typically used in conjunction with a Male Hinge, which is a similar type of hardware that fits into the Female Hinge.

Female Hinge Description

The Female Hinge is essentially a metal bracket with a U-shaped channel that is attached to the formwork, or the wooden or metal frame that is used to contain the poured concrete. When the Male Hinge is inserted into the U-shaped channel of the Female Hinge, it creates a tight, seamless joint between the two formwork pieces.

This joint is essential for creating smooth, even surfaces on concrete structures, such as walls or pillars. Without a tight joint between the formwork pieces, the poured concrete can leak out and create rough edges or uneven surfaces.

Female Hinge

Female Hinge

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