Shortening Clutch

The Shortening Clutch, also known as a load binder or chain binder, is a mechanical device used to tighten and secure chains, cables, or straps for load securement in transportation, construction, and other industries. It is specifically designed to shorten and tension the slack in a chain or strap, providing a secure and reliable connection.

Product Description

The Shortening Clutch typically consists of a ratcheting mechanism housed within a metal body. It features a handle or lever that allows the user to manually tighten and release the load binder. When engaged, the ratcheting mechanism tightens the chain or strap by drawing it closer together, effectively reducing any slack and creating tension.

The design of the Shortening Clutch ensures a secure hold by preventing the chain or strap from loosening during transport or when subjected to vibrations and movements. It is commonly used for securing heavy loads on trucks, trailers, flatbeds, and other transportation vehicles.

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