G213 G215 Galvanized Shackle

Both the G213 Galvanized Shackle and G215 Galvanized Shackle are constructed from high-quality steel and are galvanized to enhance their corrosion resistance and durability. The galvanization process involves applying a protective layer of zinc, which helps protect the shackles from rust and corrosion. This makes them suitable for use in outdoor, marine, and corrosive environments.

Product Description

The G213 Galvanized Shackle and G215 Galvanized Shackle feature a bow-shaped design with a threaded pin or bolt for secure fastening. The bow shape allows for easy attachment and detachment of lifting components, while the threaded pin ensures a reliable and tight closure, providing maximum safety during lifting operations. These shackles are typically marked with their working load limit (WLL) and other relevant specifications for proper usage.

These shackles are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different working load limits and applications. It is essential to choose the appropriate shackle based on the specific lifting requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Both the G213 Galvanized Shackle and G215 Galvanized Shackle are reliable and durable options for rigging and lifting applications. Their galvanized coating and robust design make them capable of withstanding demanding conditions, providing a strong and secure connection for your lifting needs.

G213 G215 shackle

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